“Rain Reign” by Ann M. Martin

Rose Howard, an 11 year old girl diagnosed with high-functioning autism, lives her live thinking about homonyms, prime numbers, and rules. One day, her father, Wesley, came home with a dirty, muddy, blonde dog with no identification, and gave it to Rose. Since Wesley found the dog in the rain, Rose decided to name her new dog Rain. As a bonus for Rose, the name Rain has two homonyms, reign and rein. Rose’s strict routines go on until one day, on the news, a reporter says that a super-storm is heading to their town. This immediately throws Rose into a panic and a frenzy.

A storm is brewing, doors have been left open, and dogs have been lost. Read Rain Reign by Ann M. Martin and you’ll read a brilliant, hopeful, and heartwarming story about a search for a beloved dog.

Recommended by S.C.



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